Industry magazine transformed

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Fresh, strategic, passionate, above all valuable makeover of MPMN “product tab” created and produced by guest editor-in-chief William Leventon and art director James Schlesinger starting from 11/99.

Deliberately energetic, inviting, enjoyable, innovative, expressive, surprising, colorful, and entertaining. Furthermore substantial, aspirational, proactive, responsive, rewarding and important. An increasingly promising, responsible, evolutionary, competitive industry source for news, opinions and marketplace.1

Exceptional product focus and display (e.g. every product photo was coaxed by James to look its best).

Magnetic for readers and advertisers to:
want MPMN, see MPMN, read MPMN, be in MPMN, be seen in MPMN, advertise in MPMN, and save MPMN.

Result?  The publisher’s most profitable magazine.

1Unfortunately MPMN’s marketplace value perforce deflated with the loss of William, first, and then James in 08/03 who together accounted for MPMN’s force, ambition, originality, tone of voice, competitiveness, high production values, inimitable élan, and so on (which Canon’s management wrongly believed would be autonomically sustained thereafter without William and/or James).

Credit 1)   Editor-in-chiefWilliam Leventon: A) persuaded Canon Communications editorial director/vp John Bethune to transform MPMN William’s way (to make it wonderful) and B) engaged Canon staff designer James Schlesinger to collaborate on the redesign.

Credit 2)   Art director James Schlesinger: in toto solo (!) art direction, design and production of MPMN covers, feature and editorial pages, illustrations, Photoshop-imaging-composites, image compositions, and page assembly for print, from 11/99 to 08/03.

In 1999, when I was the editor of Medical Product Manufacturing N.ews, a tabloid magazine published by Los Angeles-based Canon Communications, James spearheaded a redesign that transformed MPMN from a drab, unappealing, moribund product tabloid into an eye-catching magazine that was praised by readers, advertisers, and Canon staff...
The impact James had on MPMN cannot be overstated. — WLeventon

Note   MPMNs Emerging Technologies section was added by editor ◳Norbert Sparrow who followed Leventon.





Hapless original


Underachieving original MPMN tabloid disappointed readers
and advertisers month-in and month-out.

Produced by Canon’s “art department” isolated from a succession
of indifferent or hamstrung MPMN editors:

Undefined profile. Shallow stance. Perfunctory product exposure.

Uncoordinated, pointless, colorless art direction and graphic art.


Personality? Absent.

Result?  A money-loser.

Credit   Canon Communications traffic manager/lead art director,
Thomas M.